Dreams of Winning the Lottery

Based on my recurring dream (or nightmare) of winning the lottery!

Written/Directed/Edited by Me

Cinematography by Shaun Morris

Starring Steven Krimmel, Rivka Roffino, Jeffrey Sun, and myself!

Petty Siri

When Siri reads a text message from someone who's not so friendly.

Written/Directed/Edited by Me

Cinematography by Shaun Morris

Starring Siri and myself!


Made using Instagram Stories while on a cruise! This short is about the obsession with seeking attention and validation on social media, the extreme ways we present ourselves that contradict our realities, and how no matter how many times we try, we just can't quit it.

Written/Directed/Edited by Me

Starring Steven Krimmel and myself!


For the Moet Moment Film Festival!

Synopsis: Two sisters who live across the world from each other finally reunite after waiting twenty-four years for the immigration petition to go through.

Written/Directed by Kristine Gerolaga
Starring: Sherry Emata, Tita Pambid, Giovannie Espiritu, Maria Lingbanan, George Infantado, and Kristine Gerolaga
Cinematography by Shaun Morris
Edited by Kristine Gerolaga and Steven Krimmel
Original Score by Jordain Wallace
Sound by Michael Greenhut
Production Assistant: Roun Tamaki


Stranded in an unfamiliar neighborhood, a young black man has no choice but to approach a stranger for help knowing that it might not be safe. This is a short film about the ways in which minorities are conditioned to apologize for their existence.

Directed/Edited by Steven Krimmel

Starring David Jamell Moses and Kristine Gerolaga

Written by Steven Krimmel and Kristine Gerolaga

Sound by Scott Seagren

Music by Jordain Wallace

Special Thanks to Alex and Lindsay Wolfe-Wroten!

Demons Are Assholes

When you're haunted but you don't have time to entertain these bored ass demons!

Written/Directed by Kristine Gerolaga

Cinematography by Shaun Morris

Co-Edited by Kristine Gerolaga and Steven Krimmel

VFX by Steven Krimmel

Production Assistant Roun Tamaki

Living with Depression

HEAVY - Living with Depression

Kristine’s daily negotiations with her depression.

Written/Directed/Edited by Kristine Gerolaga

Cinematography by Shaun Morris

Bitch, What?!

This one's for the friends who laugh so hard that we can't understand what the hell they're saying.

Starring Hannah Burgos and Kristine Gerolaga

Written by Hannah Burgos and Kristine Gerolaga

Directed/Edited by Kristine Gerolaga

Cinematography by Shaun Morris

The Tragic Story of Roger and Maria

CO-DIRECTED by Steven Krimmel and Kristine Gerolaga.

WRITTEN BY Kristine Gerolaga.

STARRING Andronico Gerolaga and Kristine Gerolaga. CINEMATOGRAPHY by William Green.

EDITED by Steven Krimmel.

SOUND by Jaime Lucero Jr.

PROP MASTER Hannah Burgos.

SPECIAL THANKS to Alex Wroten!

THE TRAGIC STORY OF ROGER AND MARIA is a short film based on a BBC article (https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-37172002) about the current war on drugs in the Philippines. It details the lives of two ordinary Filipinos from the poorest parts of Manila who happen to be main players in this terrifying war. Their stories really affected me because murder and dealing drugs have become their only source of income causing each of them to feel trapped and fearful for their lives. It broke my heart reading how scared Maria was of her children finding out how she could afford to feed them or how Roger deeply regrets his choices and feels that he is still a good person who also struggles with addiction. It was really important for our team to show Roger and Maria as full human beings and more than their insufficient labels of drug dealer/addict and assassin. This film is not about forgiving either of these people for the horrific crimes they have committed. It’s simply about bringing awareness to a tragedy that’s happening in a country that I love. This short is definitely just a small part of a much larger and complicated story about the people in power including politicians and police who are enabling this kind of corruption to take place, the mindset that drug addicts should be dehumanized and murdered rather than rehabilitated in a country that is very religious, the extremely limited resources for rehabilitation in the Philippines, the brave Filipinos who are protesting these extra-judicial killings, the survivors who were victimized by drug dealers and criminals, the murders of innocent people being framed for crimes they didn’t commit, and all of the people caught right in the middle who are desperately trying to survive.


This is about the desperation of actors, the relegation of minorities to supporting roles, and the objectification of women. But mostly, this is a literal take on the many times I’ve told some of my favorite writer/director friends that I would play a table for them just to work with them again and see what that would really look like. Octavia Spencer said she’d play a desk for Guillermo Del Toro! Have any of you said similar things to your heroes?
STARRING Dave Moutray, Daniel Bernstein, Steven Krimmel, and myself! Cinematography by William Green
Edited by Steven Krimmel
Sound by Lariza Burgos
Special Thanks to BHP San Francisco, Robert Zimmerman, and Anna Sun!


KENOPSIA n. the eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that’s usually bustling with people but is now abandoned and quiet—a school hallway in the evening, an unlit office on a weekend, vacant fairgrounds—an emotional afterimage that makes it seem not just empty but hyper-empty, with a total population in the negative, who are so conspicuously absent they glow like neon signs. For a subseries of micros based on words from The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, a compendium of invented words written by John Koenig. Each original definition aims to fill a hole in the language—to give a name to emotions we all might experience but don’t yet have a word for. Here we are exploring the Mare Island Naval Shipyard. My family used to go here all the time when I was little and now it’s basically a ghost town.

Co-directed by Hannah Burgos and Kristine Gerolaga

DP William Green

Additional stills and footage by Lace Burgos
Edited by Kristine Gerolaga and Lee Bullitt

Composer Jordain Wallace

Special Thanks Steven Krimmel


This micro short is about a woman who takes her desire to be more like the people she admires on social media way too far. It was originally just an EXTREME take on what people would do for validation on social media until I read an article last year about an actor who cut his own arm off and passed himself off as an injured war veteran in order to get more acting roles. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH those who actually struggle with body integrity identity disorder or amputee identity disorder where sufferers experience a mismatch between their physically healthy body and the body with which they identify. They identify as disabled. They often desire a specific amputation to achieve the disabled body they want. And they often resort to self-injury since they can’t find doctors willing to amputate their limbs. This short is specifically about people who portray themselves as living a certain lifestyle for social and even financial gain.

Written/directed by and starring Kristine Gerolaga
Cinematography by William Green
Edited by Steven Krimmel
Music by Jordain Wallace Music
Huge thanks again to @futureoffilmisfemale whose grant partially funded this short!


A couple returns to their anniversary getaway on the beach. Written/directed/edited by Steven Krimmel
Starring Steven Krimmel and Kristine Gerolaga
Footage by Kristine Gerolaga and Steven Krimmel
Score by Jordain Wallace


This one is very personal for Steven and for me. Here’s a look at the self-hatred and unworthiness that social anxiety can make you feel when it has its hold on you and you're desperate to connect. HUGE THANK YOU to all our wonderful friends who came out for a couple of hours to help us make this. Thank you thank you thank you. We love you.
Director, Writer, Editor, Producer Steven Krimmel
Producer Kristine Gerolaga
Camera Shaun Morris
Boom Operator, Production Sound Mixer Amaobi Ajawara
Theatre Lighting Technician @corywysz
STARRING Kristine @kristinegerolaga Ashley @ashleyerincampbell Instructor @aaronlamarrburleson
FEATURING @imjamesyourenot @amaobi_cl_ajawara @thedavidaslan @trackcultmusic @clgordonwrites @jonathangrebe @greglagreg2018 @tomonthemic @smorris.bom @lalalajoanne @vu_pauline @corywysz
Special Thanks – @improtheatre and Alex Wroten @sharkterriers @welldangpro