Hit or Miss: Interpretations 2.0 Short Film (YOMYOMF)

An amateur fighter grieves over the loss of her mother while sparring with her new instructor.

We are a TOP 15 SEMI-FINALIST! Here is the official announcement on YOMYOMF and the exclusive on The Hollywood Reporter!

Here's our submission for Justin Lin and YOMYOMF's INTERPRETATIONS 2.0 Contest! 

A film contest for aspiring Asian American filmmakers. We were given only 4 lines of dialogue that we could interpret however we wanted within a 3 minute short film. The lines written by David Henry Hwang are as follows: "Don't do that." "Of course." "I have my doubts." "What is it?"

Our page on the YOMYOMF's site: https://www.yomyomf.com/contests/inte...

Huge thanks to Justin Lin and YOMYOMF for giving the Asian-American community a space for our voices to be heard and to NBCUniversal and Comcast for sponsoring the contest. And huge thanks to David Henry Hwang for providing us with the Interpretations script!

Written/Produced/Directed by Kristine Gerolaga

Starring: Sherry Emata, Ming Freeman, Kristine Gerolaga

Cinematography by William Green

Editing, Sound, and Color by Steven Krimmel

Original Score by Alex Wroten

Sound Recorded by David Bernstein

Special Thanks: David Huey, Muay Thai America Gym, Randy Emata, Hannah Burgos

Director’s Statement: As a Filipino actress, I’ve been enjoying creating projects for myself since great opportunities are lacking. I struggled with what I wanted to write until I remembered how rarely we see female-led boxing movies. I was very lucky to be able to cast my actual Muay Thai instructor and a fellow student/experienced fighter to play my sparring partner and mother respectively! This film was my attempt at showing that people of color, particularly Asian American women, and especially older women, can be at the forefront of stories we love playing characters we rarely get the chance to play.

A Period Drama Teaser Trailer

The official teaser trailer of the short film that I wrote, directed, and starred in! 


Directed by Steven Krimmel

Written by Steven Krimmel and Kristine Gerolaga

A couple in a long distance relationship have a nightmare of communication issues as they struggle to save their relationship over webcam.

*Selected to be a part of the NUVOtv's 2014 inaugural Nu Point Of View The Emerging Latino Filmmakers Showcase


Best Dramatic Short Winner at DIY Film Festival

Nominated for Best Editing at the Asians on Film Festival 2014
Best Film Editing Winner at Asians On Film Festival 2013 Winter Competition
Honorable Mention for Best Short at Asians On Film Festival 2013 Winter Competition
2013 Official Selection for the Once a Week Online Film Festival

Facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Disconn...


Café Exposé Podcast Ep. 8: Futurecast

Tonight, Hell’s demons and the dead walk the Earth... A barista and podcaster, Rodney Rose, hides inside a café after business hours as he awaits his next podcast guest. The world is on fire, but Rodney knows someone is coming... A surprise guest that's not so different from Rodney himself... Special Guest: Future Rodney.

Café Exposé Podcast Ep. 6: Cinephile

Starring James Lontayao and Kristine Gerolaga

Written by Kristine Gerolaga

Directed/Edited by Steven Krimmel

Episode 6: Podcast host Rodney Rose discusses the important works of director Steven Spielberg. Special Guest: Jillianne Be (Renowned Cinephile?)

Café Exposé Podcast: Frands

Starring James Lontayao and Kristine Gerolaga

Written by Kristine Gerolaga and Steven Krimmel

Directed by Steven Krimmel

Episode 3: Podcast host Rodney Rose discusses how to become a viral sensation on social media. We also learn a unique philosophy on friendship. Special Guest: Junie Barbosa.

Café Exposé Podcast: That Voice

A new comedy sketch about podcast host Rodney Rose trying to expose Justine Burgos for her true voice. 

Co-Written and Directed by Steven Krimmel

Special thanks to Alex Wroten and Hannah Burgos!

Chewing the Scenery

Written and Directed by Steven Krimmel and Kristine Gerolaga

Official Selection of the 2014 Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival!

Nominated for Best Comedy at Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival!

Indiegogo Campaign for An Untitled Period Film

The first thing I've ever directed on my own! Written and directed by me and featuring my great friend Rivka Roffino as my period. Cinematography by the dope Shaun Morris!

Let It Flow: A "Let It Go" Parody About Menstruation

In March 2014, in support of raising funds for my short period film, a bunch of friends and I decided to do our own version of the Vagina Monologues but from the period's point of view! One of the dopest people in my life, the extremely talented and gorgeous Jennifer Vo Le, came up with the concept as a companion to the short film. Here is one of the pieces we did adapted for the screen! A music video sing-along parody of Let It Go from the Disney movie Frozen starring (as well as written and sung by) the AMAZING Olivia Chavez and my hilarious cousins Lace and Hannah Burgos. Directed by me, cinematography by Shaun Morris, sound engineering and recording by Christian and ben Surigao, and editing by Steven Krimmel.

A Sneak *Leak* from A Period Film

Just a sneak LEAK of one of the scenes from the actual short film that will be shot summer of 2014! Starring the hilarious duo Joanna Kay and Nadeema Aziz Written and directed by me and cinematography by Shaun Morris. Special thanks to Hannah Burgos for building such an amazing vagina!